Peter Orlando was born in New York in 1921 to Italian immigrant parents. At 16, he enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Newark, near NY, where he studied drawing and pastel until his mobilization in 1942. He participated in the landings at Omaha Beach and the battles of Sainte-Mère-l ’Eglise and Valognes. In August 44, he participated in the liberation of Paris, where he met the Parisian woman who became his wife in 1945: Denise Delgoulet. After the war, They both go to the USA so that Peter finishes his artistic studies. Back in Paris, Peter is taken to the School of Fine Arts, in the studio of Untersteller which becomes that of Brianchon, painter of the poetic reality. It was in 1952 that the Orlandos opened their ceramic workshop in Paris, in the 17° after a training acquired by Peter at the national manufacture of Sèvres. In parallel, the young man made figurative painting. In 1953, he exhibited for the first time in Chicago, then in Brittany and Paris. He was present at the Autumn Fair in 1957. The following year it was his first solo exhibition. In 1960, he opened a painting workshop in Normandy. Ceramics and paints were then exhibited in galleries and salons both in Europe and the United States. Their earthenware typical of the 50s adopts flexible forms decorated with bright colors, with graphic and abstract decoration that sometimes evokes the tachism of Miro and Klee.

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